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The company and its strengths

The NLMK group is the most important player in the Russian steel sector and one of the most efficient in the world. It is present in 7 countries and has 20 production sites.

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Our strengths

  • Career evolution
  • Training plan

In Belgium, NLMK includes two production sites, NLMK Clabecq and NLMK La Louvière, and the NLMK Manage service centre.

Its sites employ 2250 people for an annual production capacity of 2,800,000 t. NLMK La Louvière produces hot and cold rolled steels. NLMK Clabecq focuses on the production of plates. NLMK Manage is a service centre.

NLMK's development programme is based on investment in equipment, combined with the development of a learning organisation. The company also listens to its customers and implements continuous improvement plans at all levels of activity.

As part of its human resources policy, NLMK believes that it is essential to attract and engage personalities who make a difference and who are convinced that results are stronger than words! It is constantly looking for qualified engineers.

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Work atmosphere

NLMK is a company with a high human value. The atmosphere is friendly. Everyone is on familiar terms and evolves in a collaborative environment. Each function is varied, rewarding and full of challenges. The prospects for development are real.

Trust is an integral part of its corporate culture. Encouraging and developing the taking on of new responsibilities, to the point of promoting the right people, is one of the company's fundamental assets. NLMK deploys ambitious projects every year. The objective is to simultaneously deploy projects with high added value both in terms of operations and human development. Its aim is to satisfy its customers through the quality of its products and services.

Key values

Our values are what brings us together. They define who we are, why we exist and how we act.

We are results-oriented. Always faster, always higher, always further! Every day, we question ourselves, we progress and we dare. Of course, we sometimes stumble. But we also get up quickly, and we learn even faster! We are a team. Our diversity is our strength! And together, the impossible becomes possible! We trust and respect each other. And so we work together for the future and the continuity of NMLK, with security as the cornerstone of everything!

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