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The quality partner for bakery, pastry and chocolate!

Food production

The company and its strengths

Puratos is an international group offering a complete range of quality products and innovative solutions for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industries. Consumers everywhere are increasingly conscious of the quality of the food they eat. Puratos develops, produces and distributes a unique range of ingredients for bakers, pastry-chefs and chocolatiers who demand the very highest quality.

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Our strengths

  • Car parking
  • Training plan
  • Career evolution
  • Balance pro life/prived life
  • Innovation oriented

Around the world, thousands of people from different cultures work at Puratos. Diversity is one of the company’s great strengths as an employer. Puratos is a global, customer-focused organisation and a true family business.

To constantly raise their standards and help their customers succeed. The pursuit of excellence at all levels motivates the company.

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French, Dutch, English

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Work atmosphere

At Puratos, we have passionate people who want to develop quality food.

Society wants to be close to people, at all levels. To know the local culture and the way of acting of the country where they develop. Work hard and combine diversity and coherence. The company has developed a global way of doing things: the ‘magic of Puratos’, based on their experience of working with the best bakers, confectioners and chocolate makers from different cultures.

The company aims to be a source of new ideas and trust for its partners. Convinced that people have growing expectations of food, both in terms of quality and inspiration.

Key values

  • Team spirit
  • Passion
  • Ethics
  • Courage
  • Quality
  • Vision

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