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The Engineer of the Future – an identikit portrait

If the engineering profession offers women a bright future, what about the challenges that the engineers of the future will all be facing in 10, 20, 30 years’ time? What will the engineer of the future look like, male or female?

Engineers vs artificial intelligence : the Great Replacement?

Will we still need engineers in 20 or 30 years’ time? This is the not-so-naïve question being asked by some scientists and observers of the labour market. In 2017, a very serious study by the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford questioned over 350 experts on the subject. To summarise, 43% of jobs in Europe may be threatened by the progress of artificial intelligence.

9 tips for a successful job interview

You’re looking for a job, you sent out loads of CVs… and you’ve been invited for an interview! Fantastic news! Congratulations!

Dear colleague, I hate you!

It’s simply not possible to like everyone. In fact, you can hate as many people if you like if that’s your thing. But what to do when you loathe an unpleasant colleague and feel you can never get along with them?

I don’t have a degree, what do I do?

Ah! The big issue of degrees. Is it important to have one? Do people really need them? Why do some parents put such pressure on their children to earn a degree, or even two? Probably because at this point in time people are recruited on the basis of their degrees and academic history – to the detriment, sometimes, of the person they are or of their non-academic experience.

Engineer or manager, do you really have a choice?

The volatile and uncertain economic context of the past ten years has increasingly required that engineers acquire or demonstrate managerial skills.