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Contribute by your action to the safety of every citizen !


The company and its strengths

ASTRID is a telephone operator dedicated to the emergency and security services in Belgium.

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Our strengths

  • Car parking
  • Bike parking
  • Training plan
  • Balance pro life/prived life
  • Innovation oriented

Across its innovative, state-of-the-art network, ASTRID provides critical communications for all police zones, all fire departments and the majority of emergency and security services. Today, some 75,000 users in Belgium count on Astrid!

The role of ASTRID is set to be strengthened further in the future, through opening up its services to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, for example. In this way, the organisation hopes to help its users save even more lives.

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French, Dutch, English

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Work atmosphere

ASTRID is a technology company. Consequently, its staff are primarily composed of people with technical and scientific training. All are passionate and highly committed to their work.

The Astrid offices are located in the centre of Brussels and are easily accessed by public transport. You will enjoy a stable environment with an optimal work/life balance and flexible working hours.

Salvator Vella, the new CEO, is not lacking in ideas and initiatives to push the organisation forward. Building the future of ASTRID under his direction will be an exciting challenge for all those joining the organisation!

Key values

The organisation modelled its values on its name: ASTRID

  • A > Attention for the client: our clients are public services, by supplying the best service to our clients, we are able to contribute to public safety.
  • S > Solving problems: our desire to always go that little bit further to find solutions.
  • T> Teamwork: not just internally with our colleagues but also with our subcontractors, we need to work together in the best way possible to achieve a high quality service.
  • R > Ready to improve: our desire to take stock and challenge ourselves and constantly learn.
  • I > Integrity: an absolute necessity, after all, we work for security services…
  • D> Dedication: our desire to always go further.

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